Fireside: Plush Fabric

60” wide. 100% Polyester

 Fireside is a soft snuggly plush fabric similar to the well-known “Minkee” but it doesn’t have the shine like minkee. Fireside is a great backing fabric!

 Fireside is 100% Polyester, making it safe for machine washing and drying. 

 Do they need batting?  No.  It’s not required but some folks like the extra thickness and weight.  It’s personal preference.  But if you do choose to have a layer of batting, use a thin one.

 How difficult are the fabrics to quilt?  For machine quilting on a home machine, the Fireside doesn’t need any special treatment.  Baste the quilt layers as you normally would, then quilt as desired.  Most quilters who have quilted on their home-machines with Fireside recommend starting with a new needle, using a 40 wt. thread – or thicker, and then cleaning the machine after you’re finished.