Art Quilting Studio Magazine: Winter 2018 Edition

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Art Quilting Studio magazine provides a playful and informative forum where quilt enthusiasts from all walks of life can cross-pollinate to share techniques, ideas, and inspiration. Take your quilting to the next level with 144 pages of innovative tips from top artists from around the globe. Whether you stitch by hand or machine, with fabrics or paper, we hope you’ll join us on this journey where everyone is invited to experience the joy of quilting.

 Inside the Winter 2018 Issue:

  • Artist Portfolio featuring Bobbi Baugh
  • The latest eye-catching wearable art quilts: colorful quilted necklaces by Katie Larson.
  • Jennifer Landau shares her Mountain Goat 3-D quilt in our Quilting the Odd & Unusual.
  • Discover Classic Cool Rides by Teresa Shippy in the Series Showcase.
  • Nancy Oakeson presents her bright, cheerful flower vase quilts.
  • Suzanne Cogar reveals her Muses Series.
  • Meet Charlotte Bird as she introduces her Goddess Series
  • Phyllis Prom gives a sneak peek into her impressionistic landscape art quilts.