Star Wars Stained Glass Fat Quarter Bundle - 6 pcs.

Canadian National Fabric

SKU: StarWarsStainedGlass FQBundle

100% Cotton      45.72 cm x  55.88 cm / 18" x 22"     Premium grade quilting cotton
Stained glass in the form of art began in ancient times, and often depicted important deities and icons from various faiths. In our new Star Wars collection, key characters are reimagined in the stained glass style. Between droids, stormtroopers, Vadar and Yoda, mesmerizing details are taken from the rebel and imperial icons as well as the droid armr itself and lend themselves to the storytelling aspect of the designss.

Arched full-bodied depictions and medallion coin portraits from both the light and dark side of the force come together with brilliant colors that will illuminate any projects.